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Do you want to get rid of the guesswork, save time and money, and build your business faster using simple, proven strategies?

Hi, my name's Tim Cooper, and if your answer was yes to any of the above then I've got some great news for you!

You see, I know what it's like to struggle. To feel like even though you're doing everything right... the results you seek keep falling just out of reach.

But what if I let you in on a secret?... You've only been told part of the story! The critical pieces that make these strategies work have been withheld from you... reserved for members of high priced coaching programs and masterminds.

It's like giving you a picture and half the recipe... you've got to guess and experiment to work out the missing ingredients.

How on earth are you expected to put these strategies and tactics to work when you're only given the general overview of the concept? It's like someone giving you a car without an engine... in theory, it should work but it's missing a critical piece.

Yes, the common business and marketing approaches that circulate the net and preached by what appears to be 'every man and his dog', do work.

But you have to dig beyond the general concepts, catchphrases, and clichés.

It's like an iceberg... you see the results others are getting, you can form a 'logical' idea of what they're doing based on what you see floating above the surface. But it's the mass, the core, the foundation, and details below the surface, obscured from your view, that are the true drivers of that success.

Statements like, "find a problem and provide a solution" and "be a specialist, not a generalist" are very true and all too easy to throw around. On the surface, they make a lot of sense. But those statements, no matter how crucial to your success they are, give you no indication of how exactly you should go about it.

And... unfortunately, the majority of training out there just scratches the surface... unless you're willing to spend thousands for high-end coaching or mastermind groups.

Now, here's the thing. I have spent thousands on high-end courses and coaching, and here's what I've found. The missing pieces, the crucial details, that stand between success and failure aren't complex... but do take work.

So, when I say I'm going to share 'advanced techniques' with you. I'm NOT talking about brain-numbing, super technical, expensive solutions. I'm simply talking about filling in the gaps, showing you the pieces other training courses leave out. I'll be helping you put it all together, so you can go out and implement these proven strategies with clarity and the confidence to succeed and meet your goals.

I also understand that you may have been doing it tough lately... as I said, I've been there, and know how much it would have meant to me for someone to lend a hand, throw me a lifeline... to help keep me afloat and guide me to solid ground.

That's why I put this membership together. I want to give you the information and support you need... to help guide you and your business to solid ground and success... without placing an additional financial burden on you.

Introducing Business Success Insiders

Business Success Insiders is an affordable monthly membership designed to bring you proven, little-known business and marketing strategies and tactics that will help you build the business of your dreams.

Unlike many of the gurus and experts out there, Business Success Insiders holds nothing back. I'm not going to tease you with tasty morsels intended only to bait and hook you into additional high paid programs.

With Business Success Insiders, you get everything you need to successfully implement proven strategies. Everything is included in your membership and I can ensure you, I'll be working hard to overdeliver on the content.

Every month new training will be added to the membership area. We will be deep-diving into what's required to make each strategy work. We won't just be scratching the surface... I'll be sharing the details, giving you a blueprint and game plan to implement in your business.

In addition to the monthly training, over time you will also get access to three of my highly successful training programs. These training programs will be made available to you at set intervals throughout your membership. There is a lot of information here so the goal is to educate and inform, not overwhelm you.

Your Membership Benefits

As previously mentioned, in addition to new training videos every month you will also get access to these online training programs -

The Get Booked Stay Booked Method (Valued at $497)

An 8-week, online training program. This premium course has helped hundreds of massage therapists and wellness professions get their businesses on track. For more information about this course please visit (Remember you get access to this course as part of your Business Success Insiders membership)

Local Search Marketing Secrets (Valued at $197)

A comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial on how to optimize your Google My Business listing to improve your chances of appearing in the 3-pack and first page of Google search results. Includes bonus modules on video and content marketing. (Additional local search strategies will be included in your Business Success Insiders membership)

Sports Taping for Beginners (Valued at $47)

This introductory course to sports taping covers the taping of the finger, thumb, and ankle with additional examples of taping ankles of young athletes as well as using different width tape. The content of this course is compliant with the Australian Training Framework requirements for Level 1 Sports Trainers.

Turbocharge Your Membership With Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls!

Business Success Insiders offers two levels of membership.

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP: Access to monthly training and bonus courses.

VIP MEMBERSHIP: All the benefits standard membership brings PLUS access to LIVE Monthly group coaching calls where you can have your questions answered. We can talk through your challenges, work through the obstacles and provide a clear path forward. You will receive the support, answers, and accoutability you need to reach your goals.

We also offer a range of pricing plans to suit any budget and provide you with even more savings! Check out all the options below -

Your Membership Options


Charged monthly. Benefits of membership include access to -


A Fresh New Training Video Every Month.

Plus Courses:

Get Booked Stay Booked Method
Local Search Marketing Secrets
Sports Taping For Beginners




Charged monthly. Benefits of membership include access to -

ALL the benefits of Standard Member PLUS

Get your questions answered. Receive guidance through your blocks and challenges.


Everyday Advice For Everyday People... You Don't Have To Be An Expert...

We've Got You Covered With Our 14-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Lock-In Contracts. Cancel Your Monthly Membership At Any Time

Here's how it works...
When you invest in Business Success Insiders today you will get instant access to the first monthly training video along with the first module of the Get Booked Stay Booked Method training program.
If you opted for VIP Membership you will also be notified of the next LIVE coaching call, how to attend live, or submit your questions to be answered during the call.
Access to Local Search Marketing Secrets and other bonuses will be unlocked and made available at set intervals throughout your membership.
But don't take my word for it... or the raving reviews received from past and current students... Just go ahead and join us today. Check it out. Take 14 days.  

If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with the informative, in-depth style of the trainings... if you don't agree that you have the potential to put this wealth of real-world, time tested and proven advice to work and build the wellness business of your dreams... then simply email me at with your reason why you feel the Business Success Insiders isn't for you and I'll provide you with a rapid, no-hassle, 100% refund.

I think you'll agree, that's a pretty solid offer...

So what are you waiting for? You've got absolutely nothing to lose. Join the Business Success Insiders today.

Who is Tim Cooper?

Tim Cooper is a business and marketing strategist, and wellness industry specialist.

Prior to commencing natural health studies in 1999, Tim worked as a software design engineer and business analyst for over 20 years.

Tim completed his first marketing course in 2013 and fell in love with the science of marketing and social psychology.

In 2018, Tim founded and co-hosted the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit. This highly successful online event brought together industry leaders from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience in building successful wellness-based businesses.

Tim has held executive positions in natural health colleges along with teaching advanced business and marketing strategies in the classroom, face-to-face workshops and online.

In addition to sharing a wealth of knowledge on his Facebook and YouTube channels, Tim has created a number of online courses including the Get Booked Stay Booked Method, Local Search Marketing Secrets and is a regular contributor to Massage Magazine.

Tim brings a unique blend of industry, technical and business knowledge to his coaching clients and students around the world.

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